Emprise Mobility COVID-19 – post Lockdown update

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

We’re all pleased and thankful that the hard lockdown is over and, to date, no further COVID-19 infections have been detected in our community.  With the lifting of the lockdown, we’re making the following changes to our operations.

Equipment Trials and Home Visits

  • Trials and in-home visits will restart.
  • Social distancing and sanitisation (hands and equipment) will proceed as per our COVID-19 policies and processes.
  • All staff will wear masks throughout the trial/home visit.
  • We request that those we visit also wear a mask during the trial/home visit unless this poses a health or safety risk.

Showrooms – open but please make an appointment

  • Our showrooms will be open 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 12 noon on Saturday.
  • We continue to strongly recommend you make an appointment to visit – this will help us to ensure we can manage social distancing by not booking two appointments that need access to the same equipment.
  •  We will continue to limit the number of concurrent appointments in each showroom, to help us manage social distancing.

Phone and Video Conference Consultations

  •  We will continue to offer remote consultations by phone or video conference.  Our sales team, OT team and Service team are just a phone call away.


  • We will continue deliveries, and our delivery team will continue employ rigorous hygiene and social distancing processes to keep people safe.

Hygiene and Sanitation

  • All people entering our premises will be required to wash or sanitise their hands upon entry.
  • All equipment, counters and vehicles will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis


  • Staff and visitors will wear masks at our premises.
  • During offsite activities (trials, home visits, deliveries), staff will wear masks.
  • We request that those we visit also wear a mask during the trial/home visit unless this poses a health or safety risk.

Contact Register

  • We will maintain a contact register (you can register either manually or using the SafeWA app)


For information on the WA State Government requirements for COVID-19 between the raising of the hard lockdown and 14th February, 2021, please refer to: COVID-19 – What you can and can’t do

Thank you for your understanding and patience with our COVID-19 policies and processes.  We continue to put the health of our community and ourselves as our first priority.


The Emprise Mobility Team.