The latest on COVID-19 and Emprise Mobility

COVID-19 - Square

It is wonderful that WA seems have controlled the spread of COVID-19 with a low number of total cases throughout. We’re very sad for those in WA (and the rest of the world) who lost family or friends due to COVID-19 – our thoughts and prayers are with you.

While there is a feeling that the crisis has past, we continue to focus strongly on keeping people safe; we don’t believe any of us should become complacent just yet.

This post shares our latest processes and policies regarding COVID-19. You might already have received this information via our email subscription list. If you didn’t but would like to be on the list to receive future updates from Emprise Mobility, please subscribe via the link on our website home page.

First up – many, many thanks to our customer and associate community who have worked with us in the past few months and been understanding of the processes we put in place to keep our business open and to keep us all safe. Despite some inconvenience, it all seems to have gone well and we were able to continue supporting our customer community.

What are we doing now so many of the restrictions have been relaxed? Because we were able to stay open throughout, for us, there isn’t too much to change. Social distancing and good hygiene continue to be highlighted as vital to the ongoing management of the COVID-19 situation.

Showroom Opening Hours

Our showroom hours will continue as:

  • Monday to Friday – 9am to 4pm.
  • Saturday – 9am to 12 noon.

We will take bookings outside these hours for special cases (e.g. immunocompromised individuals who need the entire showroom to themselves).

Our phones and emails are covered until 5pm each week day.

Equipment Hygiene and Cleanliness

The processes we’ve implemented to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of our equipment (in our showrooms, going out to customers and out on trial, etc) will remain in place. Hygiene and cleanliness have always been a priority for us – and now, even more so. You can be confident that we are taking every care in this regard.

Hand Washing/Sanitisation

We will still require visitors to our premises to either wash their hands or sanitise their hands with alcohol-based hand sanitiser on arrival.

By Appointment

We strongly recommend that you make an appointment before you visit one of our showrooms. This will help us manage the number of people in our showrooms at one time and also ensure we’re able to give you our full attention while you are here.

When you book your appointment, please also share with us the products you are interested to see. This will help us to plan visits so we don’t have groups of people trying to see the same things at the same time (and, hence, making social distancing very difficult).

Online/Video Meetings

These remain available (and will do so ongoing) for people who are unable to or would prefer not to visit us in our showroom.

Number of Groups in our Showrooms – increased to three

When the COVID-19 situation started, we limited the showrooms to two groups of people at time, to allow us to implement appropriate social distancing.  With the new 2 square metre rule for social distancing, we increased this to three from Saturday 6 June (when bookings do not clash for resources – products and people).

We will make every effort to not book overlapping appointments for individuals or groups interested in the same products. If we feel we already have too many people in one area of the showroom, trying to see and try the same equipment, we will ask some to wait.

As noted above, to help us help you as quickly and effectively as possible, we strongly recommend you book an appointment to visit one of our showrooms and let us know what you are interested in seeing.

Keeping a Record of our Visitors

As part of our COVID-19 Safety Plan, we have been recording the name and contact details of everyone visiting our premises. This will continue until further notice. This gives as the best and quickest tool to ensure people can be contacted if we become aware of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case.

COVID-19 Safety Plan

Businesses that reopened from 18 May or from 6 June all had to prepare a COVID-19 Safety Plan. Emprise Mobility has had a Safety Plan in place since the beginning – and we will continue to adhere to that plan, with ongoing tweaks to reflect the changes in social distancing requirements and other information that becomes available.