Perth (Bibra Lake) Showroom - 5 Sobek Pass
Mandurah Showroom - 8 Magenta Terrace

Who are we - a team of passionate, caring people dedicated to making a difference in people's lives.

Our goal - through the supply of appropriate assistive technology, to help individuals enjoy more everyday living in every day.


Emprise Mobility is a Western Australia business with locations in Perth and Mandurah.  We service the Perth metropolitan area, the Peel Region and country WA.

We sell, install, service and hire mobility equipment, daily living aids and assistive technology to assist people facing reduced mobility arising from age, illness or disability.

Our products help with every-day activities such as walking, personal hygiene, accessing vehicles, sleeping, sitting and eating.  We provide products to help in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room, and to help you get up, out and about.

The umbrella term for our products is "assistive technology" - any device or system that helps an individual to accomplish a task they might otherwise be unable to do, or that increases the safety and ease with which a task can be performed.

Through quality products and excellent service, we endeavour to support greater independence and freedom in everyday living; to assist our customers to carry-out daily activities and to live with greater comfort, safety and security.

Let us help you enjoy more everyday living in every day.


Our Business - A Snapshot


We're a team of experienced and motivated people who work at all times to deliver the quality service our customers expect; we strive to offer our customers the best possible service, appropriate products and value for money.

We are a retail business, offering an extensive range of products for sale and hire.

We have two large, retail showrooms - in Perth (Bibra Lake) and Mandurah.

We are happy to complete sales in person, by phone or by email; contact us if you are unable to visit one of our showrooms.

We have on-staff Occupational Therapists.

We regularly work with external therapists to ensure you have most appropriate solution to your needs.

Our experienced and well-equipped Service team services and repairs the equipment that we sell.

Whenever possible, we use our own delivery personnel rather than contracted carriers to ensure your products are delivered ready to use and you are comfortable with their use.

  • We deliver throughout the Perth metro area and Mandurah/Peel.
  • We will provide quotes for delivery and, where appropriate - shipping, to other areas.

We aim to assist you in any living situation - in your family home, an independent living unit, a low-care or high-care facility.

We work with both individuals and organisations to provide our products and services to those who need them:

  • Our retail business works directly with individuals and their families and carers.
  • We have been a Western Australian sub-contractor for the DVA RAP since 2011.
  • We are a registered NDIS Provider of assistive technology.
  • We work with a number of Home Care Package coordinators to deliver "best fit" equipment solutions.
  • We fulfil orders for organisations such as Indigo Solutions (previously known as the Independent Living Centre) and MSWA sourcing equipment on behalf of their clients.

We recommend and support the trial of equipment before purchase - either in one of our showrooms or in the home.

As members of Peak Care, we have access to an extensive range of high quality equipment and have the benefits of a national buying group.

Since our early beginnings as Mandurah Mobility Products selling mainly "gophers" (mobility scooters) we have significantly expanded our product range and geographic area.

We are members of ATSA - Assistive Technology Suppliers Australia - and abide by the ATSA Codes of Conduct.


Please keep reading to find more detail on the above.

Bibra Lake Showroom
A Seat Walker

Our Showrooms

Our showrooms are the largest mobility equipment showrooms in Western Australia.

Our large format showrooms are not typical in the industry.  We think it is very important that customers can see, try and properly assess products before buying.  This gives both we and the customer confidence in the size, suitability and comfort of the equipment.

We've made every effort to ensure our customers get all they need to make the right choice - whether it is driving a mobility scooter around the showroom to ensure it feels right and can be well-controlled; trying a selection high-back, adjustable chairs in order to choose the best fit and comfort or just spending as much time as needed talking about their challenges with one of our friendly showroom staff.

Mandurah Showroom

On Magenta Terrace (that runs between Mandurah Road and Mandurah Terrace) and opposite Amart and Snooze (who are in the the old Bunnings building), our Mandurah showroom is easy to find, has good parking and an extensive range on display for our customers to see and try.  After being at 45 Reserve Drive for many years, we were excited to open this brand new showroom in April, 2021.

Perth (Bibra Lake) Showroom

Our Bibra Lake is 20 minutes south of the Perth CBD and just 9 minutes away from Fiona Stanley Hospital and St John of God (SJOG) Murdoch Hospital.  The building is on Sobek Pass (off North Lake Road) with easy access and parking.  Whether coming from north, south, east or west, there are good main roads to bring you to our door. For those who remember it, we're right behind the old Masters building.

Extensive Range of Products

Our large showrooms and supporting warehouse allow us to stock a wide range of products, in order to provide the most appropriate solution to our customers' needs. Having almost our entire range available in our showrooms gives our customers the opportunity to see and try products for size, suitability and comfort before making a decision.

In addition to product sales, we offer a mobility equipment hire service.  We offer both short and long term hire of many of the product types we sell.  Hire is an effective option for those recovering from illness or surgery, on holiday or wanting to try a product before buying.

We deliver "ready to use"

Except in exceptional circumstances (remote location, where equipment needs to be shipped with an external carrier), we do not expect our customers to unpack and put together their mobility equipment; equipment is delivered ready to use.  Where we can, even when shipping, we will unpack, assemble and re-pack in a larger box; the aim is no or minimal assembly required, even in these special cases.

Maintenance and Repairs

Our Service Department, working in a well-equipped workshop or at your home, offers regular service, maintenance/repair and warranty repairs for the equipment that we sell.

Contact us to make a service booking or enquiry.


Emprise Mobility is a registered NDIS Provider for assistive technology.  We are registered for:

  • Personal Mobility Equipment.
  • Assistive Products - Household Tasks
  • Assistive Products - Personal Care and Safety

NDIS clients can work directly with us to fulfil the assistive technology components of their approved plans.

Other registered providers for NDIS can source assistive technology from us on behalf of clients.

Emprise Mobility has provided mobility equipment and assistive technology to NDIS clients since the NDIS trial in WA began and has been a registered NDIS Provider since September 2017.

We regularly work with NDIS participants, their health professionals and NDIS plan managers to ensure "best fit" solutions for mobility and assistive technology needs.

Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages are an initiative of the federal government to help you live independently in your own home as you become older.  Home Care Packages can cover a range of services and aids to help you stay independent in your own home and to enjoy a better life (to enjoy more everyday living in every day).

Eligibility is based on need.  Details on eligibility and applying for a Home Care Package can be found on the My Aged Care government website.

Once your package has been approved and has become available, you need to nominate a provider to coordinate your services and acquisition of equipment.

Emprise Mobility works with many Home Care Package coordinators to provide appropriate equipment ("assistive technology") through your home care package.  We work closely with package coordinators, their nominated therapists (or directly with the individual) and the Home Care Package holder to deliver best-fit solutions that are cost effective. Our Occupational Therapist can provide recommendations on suitable equipment.  We provide formal quotations and assistive technology recommendations upon request.

We recommend trialing equipment before purchase, and are happy to accommodate trials in our showrooms or in your home, as most appropriate.

If you a Home Care Package holder, please don't hesitate to chat with us about how we can help you.

If you are a Home Care Package coordinator, please contact us if you have any questions regarding our services with respect to Home Care Packages.

DVA Rehabilitation Appliance Program (RAP)

We are a Western Australian sub-contractor for the DVA RAP. We can fulfil orders to veterans through Aidacare and Allianz.  We are happy to work with Occupational Therapists to ensure the best solutions for veterans.  Our primary coverage areas are Perth metro, Mandurah/Peel and the South West but we can organise shipping throughout WA.  For quality service and delivery, nominate us to fulfil your DVA RAP orders.

Organisation-based Trials, Quotes and Sales

A growing part of our business is fulfilling orders for organisations sourcing equipment on behalf of their clients.  Quotes can be requested by email or phone. Purchase Orders are accepted by email, fax or in writing.

We regularly work in consultation with Allied Health Professionals to identify the most appropriate equipment to suit a client's needs. In most cases, we are happy to provide equipment for trials or to bring equipment to and support a trial appointment.

Examples of organisations with which we work include the Independent Living Centre, Rocky Bay, MS Society WA, Therapy Focus, Department of Health, Department of Communities (Disability Services), Amana Living, Brightwater, Diversity South, Aviva, Mercy Care, Coolibah Total Caring and Care Options.

Local Business with National Buying Power

We are members of Peak Care - an independent, Australian owned group, dedicated to sourcing high quality medical, hospital, and patient support equipment for their Member companies.  As members, we have access to an extensive range of high quality equipment and have the benefits of a national buying group.


We are a member of ATSA - Assistive Technology Suppliers Australasia. ATSA’s objective is to implement a self regulating Code of Practice that ensures consistent provision of equipment and services to consumers with disabilities and older people, and that safeguards the interests of all stakeholders.  The ATSA Code of Practice can be accessed here: ATSA Code Of Practice

Our Philosophy

Service that stands out!

Our commitment to quality products and service

We’ve built our reputation on excellent products and service at fair prices.

  • Our staff have lived experience or have been family members and carers supporting those with lived experience of aging, living with a disability or living with chronic illness.  We treat our customers as we would wish to be treated - with caring and integrity.
  • We are committed to finding the right mobility and daily living solutions for you.  Our staff have a wealth of experience in areas such as sales, customer service, Occupational Therapy, service (mechanical, electrical and automotive) and management.  We will ensure that the right person is available to assist you.  We will work with you, your advisors, your health professionals and our suppliers to provide the best products to meet your requirements.
  • We source our products from suppliers we trust – suppliers that have demonstrated their commitment to quality, value, good back up and support and reliability.  We work predominantly with locally owned and/or operated suppliers.
  • We share experienced resources across our business to ensure we offer you the best we can.  We are able to offer you complete mobility solutions, no matter your initial point of contact.
  • We will endeavour to provide the best possible service and assistance.  We promise to be completely open and honest with you – if something is not right for you, we will tell you so.  If at any time we do not meet your expectations, then please let us know so that we can solve the problem.
  • If we are unable to help you, we will be up front about it and help you to identify an organisation that can help.
  • Even the best of us sometimes overlook something.  When this happens, we address any problems as quickly as possible.

Why "Emprise"?

"emprise" - a chivalrous undertaking: honourable, respectful, considerate, courteous, courageous

Emprise Pty Ltd is the family company of Shaun O'Brien and Carole O'Brien.

Emprise Pty Ltd (ABN 52 060 359 195) owns and trades as:

  • Mandurah Mobility Products
  • Emprise Mobility

Shaun and Carole created the Emprise identity in May, 1997. The modern term “enterprise” is derived from the Old English word “emprise”.

Emprise: "An undertaking, enterprise; esp. one of an adventurous or chivalrous nature. Chivalric enterprise, martial prowess."

Chivalry: "The system of behaviour followed by knights in the medieval period of history that put a high value on honour, kindness and courage."

Emprise described an adventurous and chivalrous undertaking. Such an undertaking could be expected to involve an extended scope, difficulty, challenge or risk, and required the knight committed to the undertaking to demonstrate courage, honesty, prowess (gained through years of both training and experience), initiative, imagination and a willingness to undertake new ventures. The knight was expected to live up to the strict principles and moral code of his rank, as defined by the times in which he lived, and to be fully committed to succeed.

Translated into modern terms, we believe that “emprise” describes both our company and each of our business undertakings - a challenging undertaking, to which we are committed to succeed, that we approach with professionalism, initiative, creativity, innovation, courage, honour, skill and experience.