Please let us know via our form below or download our PDF version if an incident has occurred.

You can email or print out the PDF and drop it off or post it to us. As time is of the essence, we recommend you fill out the form below, or call all us on 1300 761 196.

What is an incident?

  • Any time you experience, or could have experienced, harm.
  • Any time you cause harm to someone else.

Some incidents are serious and “reportable”. These might be death, serious injuries, abuse, sexual misconduct, or restrictive practices.

If an incident occurs, during or as a result of our products or services, we

  • Make sure you and everyone involved is safe.
  • Involve other organisations if required e.g., the Police.
  • Contact anyone you feel should know or you would like to come and support you, such as your family, carer, or support team.
  • Record details about the incident on our systems.
  • Find out the cause of the incident.
  • Listen and talk to you or your advocate about what happened and how to fix it.
  • Make changes so our service or products are improved.
  • Provide you with ongoing support and keep you updated on changes we have made.
  • Contact the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, if this is a reportable incident

Details that we record

  • When and where it happened.
  • Who was involved.
  • A description of what happened.
  • Who saw the incident.
  • What help was provided when it happened.

Changes we might make to correct what happened and stop it happening again

  • Remove or replace the equipment that contributed to the incident.
  • Change our policies and practices.
  • Give our staff more or different training.
  • Change the products or services we offer.

Other organisations can investigate too.

For example, if you are an NDIS participant, the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (sometimes just called the NDIS Commission) can investigate too. If you have a Home Care Package, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission can investigate.

When we need to report an incident to the NDIS Commission

If you are an NDIS participant, there are times we must tell the NDIS Commission if there is an incident. For example, if you are badly hurt in any way by anyone.

This is called a Reportable Incident.

What happens if there is a Reportable Incident?

  • Our management will fill out an Incident Form.
  • The Incident Report is sent to NDIS Commission.
  • We will follow our normal processes to investigate and correct the situation.
  • The NDIS Commission might also investigate.

If you do not like the way your incident has been managed, or you would like more assistance

You can contact the Emprise Mobility management team:


If you need help to report an incident you can use an advocate. This can be a family member, friend, support worker or another agency, for example:

People with Disabilities WA


If you would prefer to talk with us in a language other than English, we can organise an interpreter.


Or you can talk to other organisations.

We are happy to help you make contact.


For NDIS - NDIS Commission:


For Home Care Packages - Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission


Consumer Protection


ATSA (Assistive Technology Suppliers Australia)


Need more information or think there has been an incident?

Contact us by phone on 1300 761 196 or email