Mandurah Mobility Showroom

Mandurah Mobility Products is Emprise Mobility's Mandurah Showroom and Service Centre at 45 Reserve Drive Mandurah.

Emprise Mobility and Mandurah Mobility Products sell, install, service and hire mobility equipment, daily living aids and assistive technology to assist people facing reduced mobility arising from age, illness or disability.

Our products help with every-day activities such as walking, personal hygiene, accessing vehicles, sleeping, sitting and eating.

We provide products to help in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room, and to help you get up, out and about.

We can help whether you need a wheelchair, mobility scooter, adjustable bed, walking aids, rollator, adjustable or lift chair, and so much more.

Despite our showrooms currently having different branding - we are one business and one team.  You can access the same expertise and range of products and services at either of our locations, or by phone or email - whether you are a retail customer, NDIS participant, veteran accessing products through DVA or have a Home Care Package.

Mandurah Mobility Products is our original store, and where it all started for our team, when Shaun and Carole bought the Mandurah Mobility Products business (through their family company, Emprise Pty Ltd) back in July 2005.  When we opened our showroom in Perth, we used the Emprise Mobility name - and this will shortly become our single brand.

The Mandurah showroom

The Mandurah Mobility showroom has:

  • an experienced and friendly team
  • an extensive display of products for sale and hire
  • onsite parking for customers

The competent staff will help you understand and choose between the various options available to address specific needs - whether it be to buy or hire.

Over the years, we've painted the building, dramatically increased the range and given the inside a recent birthday - but this showroom and its local team remain core to our business and the values in which we believe.

Please take a look at the rest of our website to find out more about what we can do to assist you and how to contact us.

Change is in the wind - but the important things will stay the same.

After 25 years, the name is about to change – we are about to retire the "Mandurah Mobility Products" name - but the service, quality, staff and extensive range of products will stay the same. New look, new colours – same team, same owners.

Where it all began

Starting its life in Milgar Street, and moving to 45 Reserve Drive in 2003, Mandurah Mobility Products has been Mandurah’s first choice for “gophers”, walking aid, bathroom and toilet aids, wheelchairs and more since 1994.

Mandurah Mobility Products started life as a small, local business - selling the Linshaw Power Chair, one of the first ever mobility scooters to enter the market, designed and built by Bradshaw Engineering in Mandurah.  The product range grew slowly.  Between 1994 and 2005, the business had 5 owners.

Linshaw Power Chair - circa 1994
Linshaw Power Chair - circa 1994
Merits Interceptor
Merits Interceptor - current model

How things are today

Just like mobility scooters, things have changed since 1994.  Since 2005, Mandurah Mobility Products has been owned and operated by Shaun and Carole O’Brien, through their family company, Emprise Pty Ltd. With the amazing support of the Mandurah and Peel Community, the business has grown and now has a major presence in Perth as well as throughout WA – with customers from Esperance to Kununurra.

In February 2020, almost 15 years since Emprise bought Mandurah Mobility Products, the team has grown from one manager, one sales assistant and one Service technician, to a team of 20.   We joke that we used to be able to do a stocktake by standing in the middle of the showroom floor at 45 Reserve Drive and counting - two shower chairs, 4 scooters, and so on.  We now have a major warehouse and 4 full time warehouse/delivery staff.

The business has changed substantially, reflecting the changes in the aged care and disability landscape in Australia, driven heavily by government initiatives to provide more and better options for people facing challenges arising from age and/or disability.  We still provide an extensive range and high quality support for retail customers, but we now also work with organisation, NDIS, DVA and Home Care Packages to provide "best fit" solutions for individuals.

Our "customer" will always be the individual who receives our products, no matter who funds the hire or purchase.  We're about providing optimal outcomes for each individual and work with funding organisations, plan managers and private therapists to get the right result.

Why "emprise"?

When the business opened a new Perth showroom in 2016, it opened under the “Emprise Mobility” name. Why “Emprise”? In 1997, when naming their company, Shaun and Carole wanted the name to reflect who they were and the values that the business would represent. Emprise is an old English word:

Emprise: "An undertaking, enterprise; esp. one of an adventurous or chivalrous nature. Chivalric enterprise, martial prowess."

Chivalry: "The system of behaviour followed by knights in the medieval period of history that put a high value on honour, kindness and courage."

Translated into modern terms, the team at Emprise Mobility believes that “emprise” describes both the company and each of its business undertakings - a challenging undertaking, to which they are committed to succeed, that is approached with professionalism, initiative, creativity, innovation, courage, honour, skill and experience.

We will always be in and be for Mandurah

"Mandurah Mobility Products" will always be at the heart of our business.  It is where we started and where we will always have a major focus.  Thank you to the people of Mandurah and Peel for the trust you have put in us.  We will continue to be there for you, just with a new name.